Shiatsu Massage

The intent of shiatsu massage is to guide the client to a healing state where the body can come back to balance.  Shiatsu massage is a Japanese form of massage that utilized acupressure to balance the energy pathways in the body.  This energy is essential to our health, and when it is balanced and flowing well, the body is able to heal quickly and easily.  By stimulating specific points and energy lines on the body, the client can experience increased ease, flexibility and relief of pain.  Often clients will ‘sleep’ during a session – or go into a type of dream state where images or thoughts pass easily in and out of the awareness.  This can be the unconscious mind coming forward to ‘work out’ problems on the unconscious level.

Shiatsu massage is done on a massage table though light clothing, using firm, rhythmic pressure from my thumbs, fingers and hands.  Unlike Western or Swedish massage, no oils or lotion is used and the client remains fully clothed in stretchy, light clothing (such as work out pants and a t-shirt).  The whole body will be treated with this kind of massage.  Because the energy meridians flow throughout the body, working on the energy flows away from the specific area of concern or pain can help that area heal.  Shiatsu massage is a full body massage working with all the energy meridians in the body.

Clients report relief from their usual aches and pains when they get shiatsu massage regularly.  Shiatsu massage is helpful for musculoskeletal complaints, as well as joint pain.  Some specific conditions helped by shiatsu massage include chronic muscle tension, low back pain, neck pain and musculoskeletal pains due to chronic tension.  It can also be helpful for systemic diseases because of how it tonifies the entire system.  Shiatsu massage can be helpful for irritable bowel disease, chronic bloating, insomnia, menopause, painful periods, depression, anxiety and other specific conditions.

Regular shiatsu massage every 2 to 4 weeks can keep the energetic meridians tonified which increases the health of your organ systems, and can increase overall ease and comfort in the body.  Shiatsu massage is recommended as part of a complete health program including regular exercise, stretching, healthy, whole foods diet, and seasonal cleansing programs.

The amount of pressure used is tailored to the individual client.   Many people consider Shiatsu massage to be a type of deep tissue massage, although the intention is to listen to where the energy is flowing in the client, and work at that level to stimulate the healing energy. The massage can be very deep, or very light depending on what the body needs at that moment for support.  Many people report feeling sore for the day or 2 after a shiatsu massage.  This soreness should go away in 24 to 48 hours, and is a sign that the body is detoxifying.  Coming to the massage well hydrated and drinking water after a massage is helpful to support the cleansing process.

You can schedule a shiatsu massage through the front desk at my office (503.227.8700).  Please specify that you are coming in for shiatsu.  Treatments last 90 minutes and cost $100.00.

My office can bill motor vehicle insurance.  Shiatsu is usually not covered by most insurance plans.