About Wendy Hodsdon: Naturopathic Doctor

Wendy Hodsdon N.D.

Dr. Hodsdon is a licensed primary care physician practicing in the state of Oregon. She is a member of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Dr. Hodsdon is a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon – one of the most highly regarded institutions for Naturopathic Medicine in the country. She also received honors in research for her work on how Reiki affects the immune system and has been a recognized speaker at the American Association of Naturopathic Physician Convention concerning The Effects of Reiki on Immune Function and Heart Rate Variability.

Before becoming a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Hodsdon did research at various institutions around the world. Her background in immunology, molecular biology and developmental biology research gives Dr. Hodsdon a unique perspective on managing health complaints. She treats a wide variety of conditions (click for a list of conditions) with an emphasis on cancer and autoimmune disease.

Dr. Hodsdon’s Professional Experience

Dr. Hodsdon currently is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and the owner of Portland Alternative Medicine, LLC. Some of the conditions that Dr. Hodsdon treats include cancer, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders and fatigue.

Dr. Hodsdon is a Reiki Master, and is trained in Somatic Re-education (gentle positional release body work) and Cranial Sacral therapy.

She is also a past Chairperson of the Institutional Review Board for the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) where she reviewed research studies from Helfgott Research Institute, NCNM clinics and other institutions.

Prior to becoming a naturopath, she spent many years researching how the immune system works in the body.

  • For 2 years in Uganda, Dr. Hodsdon was involved in research on the immune response in HIV patients.
  • In Denver, Colorado the research examined how B-cells in the blood mature from a molecular biology standpoint.
  • In Eugene, Oregon the scientific question involved how cells decide what to mature into from a developmental biology perspective.

A list of publications in scientific journals is available below.

Dr. Wendy Hodsdon’s Peer Reviewed Publications

Below is a partial list of research Dr. Hodsdon has published in scientific journals.

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