Energy Medicine

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1960)

Our physical body is a reflection of our energetic body, yet most of our resources are spent trying using physical medicines to heal the physical body. Energy medicine incorporates an understanding of how energy moves in the body and uses that understanding to support the body to heal. Treatments what works specifically with the body’s energetic system including cranial sacral therapy, flower essences, homeopathy, Reiki and acupuncture. These therapies work by having an effect on the body’s energy field rather than inducing chemical changes through a physical system.

Have you heard that we are all just made of energy? Quantum physics is proving that solid matter does not exist, that everything that we see in the physical world is just energy, vibrating at different frequencies with different densities. We experience the world with our sight and touch, and have defined the physical world based on what we can perceive through these senses. But there is more to this world than the reality we have defined with our senses. This is what quantum physics and many scientists are starting to quantify, measure, and understand.

At this time, we mostly see the result of how energy moves rather than observing the energy directly. This is similar to seeing the result of electricity moving when a light is turned on rather than seeing the electricity itself. The same is happening in medicine. We are starting to recognize the importance of the vital force, the innate healing energy in the body, and recognize the ways to support and influence this energy.